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Everyone is on their own path through life and we, at Converging Currents Counselling, believe that the experiences you have had in your life directly impact your journey. We value your story and want to hear it and understand it, because it is the context for whatever you are currently going through. We believe that all people can benefit from counselling: counselling can help those going through difficult times or those just needing to gain a new perspective on their current situation. Challenges have a way of leaving us feeling hurt, lonely and isolated. The emotions we feel can sometimes be big and confusing. Maybe you feel like you need to just "get over it" and "move on". Frequently, we see people numbing and pushing feelings down, but we want to help you work through your experiences and incorporate them into your story in a healthy and productive manner. Hardships can either help us grow and transform us, or they can crush us if we let them. We want you to thrive, not just survive your experiences.

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We want our counselling office to be an oasis where you grow and achieve your counselling goals. We support those of all ages through all of life's challenges. Our counsellors work with children, individuals, couples and families in a variety of capacities. We are passionate about helping you gain confidence and forward momentum in your life. We meet you were you are at in your story and we want to help you create perspective and an understanding of the challenges and blocks holding you back.

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